Game Info

Abandoned Life is a third-person zombie shooter game, where you can complete missions with the help of companions. The game artwork is in polygon style. This game features creatures inspired by post-apocalypse games. The game consists of multiple objectives in each chapter, which keep players engaged all the time. Players have to defeat the bosses and protect themselves from being eaten by zombies before they reach a safe house. In the next version of the game, players can play the game online with their friends.

Our Journey

Hi there,
This is Parmjit, the visionary of Abandoned Life. Through this platform, I wanted to share the journey and challenges to develop this game.
I was working as a Lead game programmer for a company to earn my bread and butter.

But it was always my dream to create something own, in the past few years, I got the desired experience to create my own game. Finally, I took the decision and started the development of Abandoned Life around one and a half years ago as a part-time. But mainly I started to work dedicatedly on this project at the beginning of 2020. Due to the Pandemic, I lost my projects so this was the only thing to accomplish in that duration. I used my savings to continue the development of this game on my own, without earning anything new. Spending almost a year without earning anything is tough. My wife also supported me in the development of this game, luckily, She is also a game programmer.

Due to a shortage of funds, we couldn't hire other talents to work with us so this is the work of both of us only. However, we want to take this game to the AAA title, but it depends upon funding.

At the moment the game is ready to play with companions, there are different game maps, various player skins you can select from a collection. The plan is to release this game on Steam and Microsoft stores. We also wanted to include multiplayer modes, story cinematics, design enhancements, and more game maps in this game, for that we are looking for funding. Once these new maps and multiplayer modes are introduced, we will publish the game for console platforms.

Game Missions

Mission 1

A few months back people were living a prosperous life in Mehno, then a woman came and she started doing black magic on people, in order to get wealth from them. Because of her magic, something very bad happened with a family and they killed that woman. It was said that the spirit of that lady cursed the land of Mehno town. It has made people evil. There is only Nun, who is protected from that curse. She can make this town curse free with her positivity and spirituality your mission is to find her and get her safe to bunker. Hundreds of mutants are still moving freely in this part, survive their attack, and kill them all.


Mission 2

Radioactive emissions from the nuclear reactor caused an infection on locals, people are dying and infected ones trying to eat other humans. According to a reporter, a few healthy residents have been rescued but a Scientist who knows the cure to the disease is still in the town. Your Mission is to find Dr. Travis and help him to create the vaccine to cure the disease.


Mission 3

After the war, many bad things happened around this area. Many got killed and some got rescued. For the past 6 months, no one has arrived on this island, people say it is the town of infections. The time government has made a special squad team to collect some classified documents which were left during wartime.


Mission 4

Many soldiers died fighting with zombies on this island, a few days back a journalist arrived here to know about the mystery behind the deadly life of people on this island. Your mission is to destroy the infectants and bring the journalist back to the mainland.




Brute can be very dangerous. Also known as the Big muscle boss, this type is extremely intelligent and one of the most dangerous He is a retired bodybuilder, mutation made him more lethal. He killed many people around the area. The best way to deal with your Big muscle boss is to attack him on his head because he can easily survive any kind of attack on his body.



He is so strong and aggressive in nature. His attack can destroy anyone in a few seconds. In his past life, he was working as a construction worker. He can easily survive melee attacks the best way to defeat him is using heavy weapons.



Boomer is a strong fat woman. Sometimes she can be very dangerous. She was a beauty pageant contestant. But the infection turned her ugly. Now she roams in frustration and tries to kill everyone.



The witch boss in an Abandoned life is visually a pregnant woman. The witch will try to attack the hunter very quickly. The effect of curse and mutation increased her frustration towards human beings. The chances of witch spawning mostly occur in some isolated areas.